Engie Ineo : a unique expertise deployed in global approaches, integration and service

As Chief executive officer, I am very thrilled that ENGIE Ineo is participating in the 15th edition of the “Universités d’Eté de la Défense”, devoted to important reflections on the generic theme : « 5 years dedicated to Defense : Threats, Aims, Means ».
In an inter-connected and mobile world, this kind of question also holds a central place in companies’ strategic concerns. ENGIE Ineo is particularly sensitive to these matters as the company has a foot set in the Defense and Security world, in regards to operational means, equipment, notably the C4ISTAR, their maintenance and everything related to troop support, energy and infrastructure services.
This distinctiveness amongst the other University’s partners qualifies ENGIE Ineo in a singular way: a powerful Defense and Security industrialist, that stands out with its end-user proximity model (supported by more than 300 locations throughout France and abroad) and a strong back-bone brought up by the ENGIE Group. The Group has undertaken an in-depth transformation to become the leader of energy transition through a strong innovation policy, with a development objective set in France and abroad for its services’ activities as a whole.
This peculiarity also enables the company to have a global capability vision, fitting a 5 year time frame and a complex shape-shifting world. In that way, ENGIE Ineo perfectly matches this University’s theme, and can effectively address the Ministry’s needs and requirements. Similarly, this reinforce its privileged position of a Defense partner, as it already does on several equipment and service contracts.
Currently present on a number of Defense bases, ENGIE Ineo is very pleased that this edition puts the spotlight on the Navy, deployed on all seas and oceans of the globe, thus away from bases. The challenges brought up by the operational condition maintenance of systems, addressed in this edition, illustrate the importance of complex logistics that surround this matter as well as the trust that is put into. The logistics of this kind appeals for specific skills and organization, fully mastered by ENGIE Ineo. The company showcases it every day, in a persistent, strong, and reliable partnership. In this setting, the more ambitious the model is, better the service delivered by ENGIE Ineo becomes.
Indeed, we implemented a service supply strategy in the maintenance sector, enabling an improved usage of our forces’ means while the industrial commits to and guarantees an operational performance. It is an innovation brought to life thanks to a joint initiative and constructive exchanges, which has the potential to be further developed and transposed in France and abroad.
The different speeches and workshops themes will undeniably emphasize the need for reactivity. Thanks to its end-user proximity and understanding of the user’s requirements, ENGIE Ineo and its attachment to values, has always made a point of answering demands with mature and proven solutions, as expeditiously as possible. As the world is changing, ENGIE Ineo needs the support of a Defense actor for operational means, namely the DGA.
The “Universités d’Eté de la Défense” are unique opportunities to meet, under the best of circumstances, partners and government representatives, for a mutual enrichment and a strengthened partnership.
More specifically, ENGIE Ineo has gathered a large ground experience pool in secured complex communication systems: Electronic warfare, antennas and radio waves, critical services (and related operational maintenance), to name just a few outstanding examples of our recognized savoir-faire.
Similarly, ENGIE Ineo demonstrates complementary expertise and references in weapon simulation systems, augmented reality, Big Data, massive data processing, Cloud type storage units, A.I., and connected electronics, etc.
Consequently, ENGIE Ineo delivers solutions of high-standards related to several Defense and Security issues, namely interconnected visualization systems thanks to the development of techniques brought up by Artificial Intelligences. Security related challenges are addressed in our activities, and we want to do our part to ensure resolutions of this issues.
Bringing the Military planning act to the front during the plenary session of the “Universités d’Eté de la Défense” demonstrates the interest brought up by global capability approaches to answer identified issues in the best possible way. Additionally, it is a persistent and visible guarantee that is invaluable to the industrial world. Indeed, it is strengthening its anticipation and reactivity capacities in a world prone to disruptions. ENGIE Ineo has developed an organizational model accordingly, through an entrepreneurial framework that is encouraging initiatives.
We have been in the landscape of Defense and Security industries for more than half a century and we now want to extend this presence and develop our business around our core activities: complex communication networks, support and maintenance, and Energy, in a long term perspective.
There is no question the “Universités d’Eté de la Défense” will help us reflect and improve, to address with more relevance, current and future solicitations to strengthen already strong partnerships.