Whats is the Summer Defence Conference ?

Looking back on 16 years of the Conference
The various editions of the Summer Defence Conference have explored the foundational principles of France’s defence, making it THE meeting to attend each year. Its unique approach enhances dialogue between French and European parliamentary members and policy-makers, defence industry representatives, strategy experts, and senior military officials. As a partner of the Summer Defence Conference, the General Staff of the Armed Forces mobilise every year to share defence innovations with participants, encourage concrete discussion, and present static and dynamic exhibitions that are perfectly in tune with the audience.
Meeting objectives
  • Contribute to building a “defence community”, bringing together stakeholders of all backgrounds
  • Exchange opinions, propose solutions, and create new opportunities for cooperation in the field of defence, through small-group workshops centred on fostering debate
  • Compare ideas with the reality on the ground, by immersing participants in the world of the armed forces
  • Bring together key defence stakeholders, with this unique meeting format designed to promote networking and business meetings
Two days to come together and reflect on the future of defence
For 16 years, the Conference has been organised by the European Strategic Intelligence Company (CEIS), in collaboration with the chairpersons of the French Parliamentary Defence Committees. Every year, it brings together more than 400 national and European senior political officials, along with key administrative and industry stakeholders. With the Minister of Army in attendance, the Conference provides a real opportunity to shape the future of defence, creating a debate platform with a rich dialogue and sharing of views between policy-makers in various fields.
Examining the current state of defence and preparing for the return of the House
The main challenges facing the defence sector this year will once again be addressed through the lens of recent economic and geostrategic issues, and in a context that merges urgent operational solutions with the preparation of new defence tools to be implemented down the road. The Conference will provide the opportunity to zero in on the issues ahead and to prepare for the next session of Parliament. By providing a platform which encourages discussion between a range of stakeholders, the Summer Defence Conference marks a vital start to a new year of important work to be done.
An event which encourages discussion
For 16 years, the debates have been approached in many formats to prompt thoughts and discussions between participants: plenary session, small-group workshops, more informal meetings, plus many more. From beginning to end, the Conference insists on total transparency. In fact, journalists are invited to experience every moment of the event, sometimes participating in, and even contributing to, the work activities.