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The Military Applications Division (DAM) of the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) is in charge of nuclear weapons programs, nuclear reactors programs for naval propulsion of the French navy submarines and aircraft carrier, and contributes to the prevention of nuclear proliferation.
Since the definitive end of French nuclear tests in 1996, the guarantee of operational performance and safety of French nuclear weapons has relied on the Simulation Program. DAM develops numerical codes which reproduce the complexity of nuclear weapons functioning by high level physical models, co-designs with Atos/Bull the supercomputers setting up simulations, and validates these numerical results through major experimental physics facilities, including the Megajoule Laser. The challenge of changeover to simulation, evidenced by the nuclear warheads renewal, has been met with success.

How digital technologies are transforming the battlefield of tomorrow
Technological innovation used to be driven by military research, but digital technologies have now tilted the balance in favour of civil R&D. This is a tremendous opportunity for the defence community.
Thanks to new information and communication technologies, the armed forces are about to enter the era of connected, collaborative combat. In an unstable environment, this calls for ever greater agility. Big Data, artificial intelligence and cloud computing can make our intelligence and command systems more effective, while combatants can expect an intuitive user experience to access the right information in real time to make the best decisions.
These changes are taking place so quickly, however, that we need to adjust our processes. We must adopt agile, more iterative design and development processes, and achieve the capacity to quickly insert new technologies into cycles that are significantly shorter than government defence reviews. We also need to adjust our portfolio of solutions to focus less on selling systems and more on providing capabilities as a service.
The challenge we face, and the commitment we demonstrate every day, is to provide the very best to our armed forces by guaranteeing cybersecurity, resilience and the ability to adapt instantly to the toughest environments.

Roxel is developing offers and is increasing its international market share in the defence area. As well as proposing high performance products, Roxel also offers support and services through targeted cooperations to satisfy requests from numerous countries.
Roxel is the European leader and world number three for propulsion of rockets and tactical missiles, and is present in all segments of the market (air, land and sea) involved with the control of key technologies.
By using very modern methods (Lean-6Sigma, One Roxel model, etc) Roxel is deploying a continuous improvement plan to achieve ambitious goals of efficiency, reactivity and competitiveness. Roxel also builds on investment and innovation to prepare for the future by researching technologies and processes currently not used with existing products, and therefore generating the best possible value for its customers.

War is changing face: there, is the starting point of this 2019 Defence Summer Conference. Can we then predict the perspectives of such a transformation?
The novelty lies today in the acceleration of change, which requires organisation and anticipation to always stay ahead. It lies as well in its magnitude, since war is currently experiencing, after nuclear deterrence, the greatest change in its history under the influence of the digital revolution. Navy personnel of tomorrow are connected, military ships of tomorrow are connected, and enemies of tomorrow are connected.
We must therefore, collectively, not follow but encourage and stimulate progress so that it remains where we want it: at the service of human beings, with no substitution, and of national sovereignty.

RUAG Defence France results from the encounter between the excellence of an international industrial group and the agility of a French SME firmly established in the South-West of France.
With its know-how in state-of-the-art technologies, RUAG Defence France constantly raises the challenges of complex projects, in the field of simulation and shooting training, by intervening from conception to production and also by providing support solutions.
RUAG Defence France is impatient and proud to participate in the 17th Summer Defence Conference. This unmissable event will enable it to strengthen its position as a specialized player and increase its visibility. It will also give it the opportunity to actively contribute to the strategic thinking of the sector and reaffirm its commitment within the French and European defence community.
RUAG Defence France would like to thank and congratulate the organizers for their professionalism and efficiency. It renews its confidence in the prospect of 2019 edition that promises to be rich in meetings and discussions at the highest level.