The Chatham House Rule

The debates, and the workshops in particular, are held under the Chatham House Rule

The Summer Defence Conference is committed to protecting the free and informal nature of discussions involving participants and aims to improve direct relations between key players in the sector. The reason for implementing this confidentiality rule is to enable everyone to express themselves freely and openly.
By guaranteeing confidentiality, the Conference also provides participants the opportunity to strengthen essential ties in the defence sector.

The Chatham House Rule is as follows:

“In the course of the various meetings held as part of the Summer Defence Conference, participants are encouraged to speak freely as individuals and not on behalf of an institution or company. They are also invited to share personal opinions, no matter how critical, and to make suggestions, no matter how bold. Any public association of names with statements or discussions made at the event is not permitted by any participant, no matter their function, without the express authorisation of the speaker.
Any participant who fails to comply with this rule will be banned from participating in later meetings.”


The Defense Summer School is an annual event, accessible only by invitation from the organizers.

Access to the Defense Summer School is exclusively reserved for persons whose registration has been previously validated by the organizers.

For security reasons, the badge issued by the Organization is compulsory throughout the University. Access to the workshop and conference rooms is systematically controlled.